University of Toronto Mississauga, CCT Building, Physical Lab space (photo credit: University of Toronto)

The HART lab is a fully ambulatory psychophysiological laboratory. That means that we have equipment to measure physiologocial signals and biological processes associated with stress and health both in the lab setting and in the real world. We use a variety of devices to measure psychophysiological processes while individuals are engaging in real world activities and encountering stressful situations. Some examples of the things we study and how we study them include:

Heart rate variablity: We use the Zephyr Bioharness chestband to measure an individual's sympathetic and parasympathetic activity as they engage in activities of daily life. A great benefit of this equipment is that it can capture reliable physiological signals even during high intentsity movement. We also measure other physiological signals such as blood pressure and stress hormones including cortisol, salivary alpha amylase and DHEA-S via saliva samples. We gather psychosocial responses using a daily diary equipment where people can record their thoughts and feelings on a small electronic device, which is as easy as entering information on an app downloaded on a smart phone. 

If you are interested in working as a research assistant in the HART Lab, click HERE to download the application.