Christopher Zou, MA

Christopher Zou, MA, is a psychology PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. His primary supervisor is Dr. Jordan B. Peterson located at the St. George campus. He completed his undergraduate and Master’s degree at the University of Toronto, and is in his senior year of the doctorate program. He is currently working on multiple research projects with Dr. Judith P. Andersen at the HART lab, which includes (but not is limited) to the following:

Bullying and Health. Chris’ first line of work with Professor Andersen involves exploring the effect of experiencing adverse childhood events (e.g., parental divorce, bullying) on long-term health and well-being. He is especially interested in examining how minority membership (particularly sexual minority membership) can influence the impact of bullying on health.

Coming Out Project. Chris’ second line of work examines the underlying assumptions surrounding the “coming out” experience of sexual minorities. He is interested in examining the different definitions of “coming out” across researchers and the general public, and understanding the impact of coming out on health and well-being of individuals who belong to sexual minority groups. He hopes that by identifying some of these assumptions about “coming out”, we can better assist individuals who are going through this difficult process.

Chris has published in quite a few different areas of psychology ranging from spirituality and well-being to introducing new quantitative methods in dealing with multiple raters. If you are interested in inquiring about any of the projects he is working on, feel free to contact him at